Monday, October 14, 2013

Free Prayer Sunday - Helping the Needy, Indirectly

Sometimes, no matter how much I want to help someone, I just cannot.  Saying this prayer helps me to feel that I have at least asked God to help where I am helpless to do so.  For example, it helps when I encounter or see one of the many homeless.

I am a little off-schedule with these Free Prayer Sunday posts, so I will be catching up this week with several posts in one week.

I'm marching through my self-published Busy Person's Prayer Book, front to back. This prayer is from the category, Helping Others. Earlier, I posted 4 prayers from the Work category (about jobs, layoffs, etc.).

Helping the Needy – Indirectly
Father, there are people in need
And I cannot help them myself today.
Please send someone to help these souls
To ease their path along life’s way.

Please do not pass it around without giving credit to the author (me) and where it was published - a line like this will do: by Evelyn Mayfield, in the Busy  Person's Prayer Book.
In the following weeks, we'll post more prayers in this category. At the top of this page, simply click on Free Prayers what we've posted so far, or scroll down the right sidebar and click on that tag.

The other posts this week will include the following free prayers:
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