Thursday, October 3, 2013

Busy Weekend - Park Wide Yard Sale

This will be a quickie. I probably won't be online much this weekend. Our senior mobile home park is having its Fall Park Wide Yard Sale, and I'll be outside with my twenty-five-cent-only tables and stuff. This time around, I'm trying to get rid of a lot of small stuff. I could just donate it but I'd like to get a few pennies for some of it. I have 5 cartons (FIVE!) of hard back novels that my BFF, Jane, accumulated before she passed on a few years ago - she was a true book club addict but it comforted her in her last few years.

I'll be back posting ASAP on Monday because I want to post some answered prayers for a friend nearby, and a few other things.

Meanwhile, stay well and happy, my friends.  

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