Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Update on Our Lack of AC

Well, we've been without the A/C since 2 pm Friday. We're managing. One neighbor loaned us a big box fan. Another, loaned us a rolling AC unit. Our home is sort of big and wide - 24x52. Plus, since my nephew and I must sleep in separate bedrooms, we decided to use those pieces to cool the biggest parts of the home. At night, we just deal with it, turning pillows over whenever they are damp.

It's hard to accomplish anything in the house, though. Between 3 and 8 each day, it is 90 in here. We do whatever we can, after somewhat fitful nights, and get it done by Noon-ish. After that, we're just sort of putting in time in a hot, sticky stupor.

The agency who gave us the AC last June (2012) did their best for us. The contractor who installed that one is no longer in our state. And the agency is out of funds until their next fiscal year begins. However, given our situation, they looked into their emergency funds. They decided that the parts and equipment would still be under warranty as those are usually covered for five years. So they only need to deal with labor.

Given that, they sent an inspector over. He felt the heat in here as soon as he walked in - good for him - that helped. He had us fill out an updated application and took it back. That was late yesterday. They expect their current contractor to call us for an appointment either Wednesday or Thursday.
So, we are holding our own - so far, so good.    

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