Sunday, September 8, 2013

Keeping Cool

It is much cooler today than it's been the past few days. Being without the AC, today's temps are a blessing. Tomorrow, early, I'll be on the phone and hopefully, get help in fixing the unit.

Meanwhile, I've tried to avoid cooking anything that will make the house hot inside. We are financially challenged so we can't do take-out, etc. That said, this morning I tossed in a batch of cabbage rolls into the crock pot. It's almost 1 pm and they are beginning to smell very good. I love making these now. I grew up with them, but I always hated steaming the cabbage and burning my fingers on the hot leaves. You have got to read the neat trick a friend of mine passed along...I posted it here (Cabbage Rolls, the Easy Way).

Can't wait for din-din!

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