Friday, September 13, 2013

Update on Our Household Issues - Problem Identified

We are still without air conditioning. We've had one really cool day since a week ago (Fri 9/10) at 2 pm. Other than that, from about 2 in the afternoon until about 8 pm, it is 90 or 92 in here. A few of my neighbors can't understand why our home is so hot without the AC but they fail to realize we are in an old mobile home (a '78) that does not have an insulated shingled roof. We have what I kiddingly call an older tin roof.

The agency did send over the current contractor this week. We have a defective blower motor. The part is under warranty, but there is only one place here in town that sells that part for our particular unit.

At this point, we are waiting and hoping the agency will approve the estimate that the contractor gave to them on Wednesday. Both the contractor and the agency were closed on Fridays - that is very common these days with many businesses or agencies.

Little Silkie is managing somehow but she is shedding like crazy from the excessive heat. She's having hairball issues but I am careful to brush her a lot every night before bed, to keep it at a minimum.

Other than that, all is well. It could be worse, we figure. This isn't, thank heaven, the 118-degree days we had earlier this summer.

I try to use the computer only in the morning and night because that back bedroom is the 2nd hottest room in the house. So I just ask patience in possibly slow email replies or delays in promised blog posts.
Considering there are many folks out there with worse problems than ours, we are doing all right.
Hugs to all.  

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