Saturday, September 14, 2013

Golden Corral - Coming Soon to Las Vegas, NV

In another month or two, Nevada will have it's very first Golden Corral restaurant. We've all been drooling when the commercials appear on the TV. I've never been to one, but many of my friends talk with real foodie-love when they mention the cities where they've eaten at one of these restaurants. 

What thrills most of us in my senior mobile home community is the fact that this very first one in the entire state of Nevada will be barely a mile from where we live - on Lamb, just south of Lamb and Charleston, next to the Home Depot.

For those not in the know, they feature buffet-style dining but with a steakhouse feel. My friends rave about the butterfly shrimp and try to show me with their hands how big they are. They rave about the ribs, and about the fish. One becomes almost ecstatic when she mentions the banana pudding.

They rave about the prices, too. One neighbor recently went to one out-of-state with 4 other family members. All five ate for about $50, between senior discount and student discount and coupons.

This made me go online, find the site, and send out an email to the PTB (powers-that-be). I asked what their target opening date will be, whether they will have senior discounts here in NV, how much the discounts will be, and at what age they begin. When I mentioned that to another neighbor, she made me swear to let her know what I find out if, and when, they reply.

Another neighbor, who was a cabbie and a limo driver about 20 years or more ago, got a kick out of all the fuss. He says there hasn't been so much excitement over a new eating place since In-and-Out (the CA chain) opened their first Las Vegas location many years ago.

Some folks in our area actually drive about 100 miles to Kingman, AZ, for their Golden Corral fix. At this moment, AZ has 15 of them, CA has 8, Utah has 9, TX has 63, and on it goes. We have finally made it to their list of states with available restaurants.

So, for all you foodies who have never been to a Golden Corral, and for all of you who travel far and wide to visit one, hang on - it's coming!


Anonymous said...

My husband and I visit the St. George Golden Corral when we go there on Quilt business. The shrimp have shrunk. Other than that we over eat. Not a good thing but for a treat a couple of times a year - delicious and wonderful!!!! He is looking forward to the opening of the one on Lamb so we don't have to make that long drive for him to hit his favorite buffet. P.S. My favorite things are the fish and the fried okra.

Evelyn Mayfield said...

Thanks for the tip on the fish (I really, really love fish) but I'll pass on the okra (LOL). I won't expect too much on the shrimp - thanks for that tip, too. Still, at a buffet, I can eat a lot of smaller ones to make up for their size...can't wait...