Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Need Feedback - TV and Internet Services

I was without TV and the Internet for 36 hours until I could convince my carrier to restore service pending a payment when my next SSA funds come through. However, I will be disconnected again, I think, at that point, because I cannot afford it.

I am currently paying a bundled deal on landline phone, tv, and internet for $182 a month - now, is that crazy or what? When we got this, almost 3 years ago, it was a $99 deal for 2 years - needless to say, when the time was up, so were the prices.

I think we have to downgrade everything. So, here are my questions -

Internet - I've heard that Cricket has a deal where you put the stick into your USB port and you pay about $35 a month. If any of you have it and like it, please advise.

TV - We do not have digital TVs. Ours are the old type. I have one analog-to-digital converter box and I plan to get another next week. That will bring minimal service. Someone told me he got a plug-in antenna for about $20 and gets enough channels to suit him. Do any of you use these, and what brand?

Landline - I might have to go to a very cheap cell phone and "adopt" my long-term phone number. I really need to keep that number. 

Anyhow, we will sorely miss our Encore Western channel but we've admitted that we really only use that on Sundays and certain holidays when normal programs are boring or all re-runs. We will also miss a few other goodies. 

However, one TV in my nephew's room has a built-in VCR and the one in my bedroom also has a built-in. So, we can go onto Freecycle and find as many free VCR tapes as we can and re-build our stash. I really don't need any for me - a blessed and dear couple I know moved from Vegas to upstate NY years ago and tossed me a trillion animal/nature tapes which I am gently and lovingly cycling through. 

I think we can do this. So, I think I am looking at less than $100, and maybe even less than $75 a month, for phone and internet because once I get the connection devices for the TV, that will be free.

Any other ideas?  

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