Friday, September 6, 2013

The Light at the End of the Tunnel is Receding

Well, even though we think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it looks like the tunnel stretched a little. Our air conditioner went out on us this afternoon. It's only a year-and-three-months old.  At 2 pm today, it growled loudly and then I smelled something like burning rubber coming from the floor vents. Of course, I switched it off immediately.

In June 2012, a local agency treated us to weatherization improvements, part of which included a new A/C. I tried to call the company who supplied and installed the unit. They told me they have stopped dealing with HVAC issues and that all their warranties for previous work have expired. I tried to call the agency but they are closed on Fridays. I cannot do anything until Monday. We are still hitting 100+ each day.

We have ceiling fans. However, they cannot keep the home cool enough. The cat will suffer the most, I think. We are up to 88 right now, at 8:15 pm.

Anyhow, this, too, shall pass. We did have trouble a month or so ago, when a local stray cat maneuvered itself into our duct-work under the mobile home and burst into our pantry through one of the vents. This told us we had a hole in the duct line under the house at least large enough for a cat's head. We had no money to diagnose or correct this. Seems to me that perhaps the Lord is pushing us into taking action on this. I sure hope he has a plan for financing this!

Earlier this week, we were without tv/phone/internet for 36 hours. We are still making decisions regarding that situation which requires positive action by this coming Wednesday.

Father, I totally trust your judgment. However, being mortal, I am worried about how you plan to work this out. Fill us, please, with the patience and faith to survive this latest inconvenience and concern.    

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