Saturday, August 24, 2013

Prayers for Friends in Need

Back on the 19th, I mentioned two friends who had worries even more stressful than my own. For now, for myself, I am trying to get a payday loan to meet the rest of the month's expenses. Hopefully, I can pay the interest only, for a few months, until my nephew's disability is approved.

For my friends, however, it is even more complicated.

One friend might lose her rented mobile home due to back rent that she cannot pay. It's a difficult situation and came about because of various issues. Some were family-related; some were due to her difficulty getting full time work. However, she has finally been given a hearing to try to appeal the initial denial of unemployment benefits. That happens this Wednesday. I am praying very hard for a favorable outcome for her. The retroactive benefits would definitely help her catch up on the rent. This would mean she would not have to face giving up her beloved dogs - she really loves those two. She would also not be forced to sell her car, and then use either a bike or a bus to get to jobs.

The other friend has major back issues, as I explained on the 19th. She is also caregiver for her disabled husband. With all the issues she is dealing with, plus the fact that she is no longer as young as she once was, she has bouts of depression. I am praying hard that she will receive blessings from the Lord to help her bear up during this difficult time in her life.  
And for all of you, many of whom face their own worries, I pray for each and every one of you - for stamina, for patience, for peace in your hearts while you wait for the solutions to your troubles.
Father, as my Jewish friends back in Philly and NJ used to say, from my lips to your ears!  

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