Monday, August 5, 2013

Penny and Dell Puzzle Lover's Dream - Freebies to Print

Oh, wow, I found a free spot tucked into the website for Penny and Dell puzzle magazines. I originally visited this site a long while back when looking for packs of outdated puzzle magazines to pick up for a sick friend. I registered for free and I receive updates by email. That's how I found these freebies.

This is like finding a treasure chest. For those of us who firmly believe nobody makes puzzles like Penny and Dell, you really MUST check this out. 

NOTE: When you open any of these free puzzles, they will open in Adobe Acrobat, but you must print them; you cannot "save" them. Keep this in mind.

Now, here's what you do and here's what you find - I'm giving you the dessert without making you eat the okra (apologies to okra-lovers, of which I am not one). Not that Penny and Dell should be compared to okra...

Go to and register free
Click on free puzzles in top menu
You'll see another choice of either Daily Puzzles or Sample Puzzles

Daily Puzzles - You can choose from Penny Variety or Dell Variety, Penny Crossword or Dell Crossword, and Sudoku. 

Sample Puzzles - You can choose to sample all of the following - Crosswords, Dell Collector's Series, Fill-ins, Logic & Math, Penny Selected Puzzles, Puzzle Books, Puzzles of the Month Clubs, Sukoku, Variety Puzzles, Word Seek/Search, Wheel of Fortune Word Seek, Brain Boosters, KenKen

Now, in the Sample Puzzles, when you choose a category, you do not get just one sample puzzle. In the Dell Collector's Series, for instance, you get another list of everything from Anacrostics to Trigons (which scare the daylights out of my brain). Or, in the Logic & Math, they have 10 available for selection. 

And, yes, you DID see a Puzzle of the Month mentioned in there. I've really got to check that out, both for myself and for gift giving.

In the sidebar, you will also see a Trivia Quiz of the Day, Word of the Day and Daily Word Search choices. I'm thinking of bookmarking this and putting the link on my desktop so that I can go there in one click each morning or evening.

You can even email the opening page for the Free Puzzles to your friends, so they can register and enjoy, too.

You can print these, staple and give to a home-bound friend.

Ok, I think I already lost many of you who are deep into Penny and Dell country...have fun. I just had to share this one.

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