Thursday, August 8, 2013

When We Need to Feel Appreciated - Free Prayer

I’m not someone who needs to be thanked constantly, but once in a while, I admit that it would be nice to hear the words.  Today was one of those days. Things piled up. I took care of them. I kept my stress to a manageable level. But it would have been nice to hear spoken words of appreciation.

On days like that, when the words do not come, and their absence makes me feel unappreciated, this little prayer (from my Busy Person's Prayer Book) helps me to put things into perspective. 

Craving Appreciation
Whenever I need to be appreciated
Remind me, Father, of your Son
How no one appreciated what He did
Yet he still did what had to be done.

In my self-published book, I have a few dozen of these little prayers. They were all written when I needed something quick and easy to say for daily issues that are likely to repeat themselves.

I think I will begin a Free Prayer Sunday post this weekend, and share them. 

Yes, I know I'd love folks to buy the book. And the book has many articles in it to help us deal with prayer and it s issues. But still, I think I will do this. 

When I finish those in my book (a few months from now), I'll begin with others that I hope to put into a follow-up book. Or maybe I'll just make an expanded version of the first one. Too early to tell.

Lord Jesus, guide me in this next leg of my life's journey. Help me to choose the right prayer to offer each Sunday, one that will reach just one person with words that will help them cope with daily life here on earth.              

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