Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hospital Food - Nutritious, not Delicious

Well, one of my big current worries was resolved today. We did get a loved one to an ER and after an all day session (you all know the drill, I'm sure), they talked him into staying overnight so they can administer massive doses of antibiotics. They can give stronger meds via IV than they can via Rx.

However, he does not take well to hospital food. I have to laugh, in a way. I've had several sessions in hospitals where I've spent almost a week each time. The first round of meals, you barely eat anything on the tray. By the second day, you are picking at a few more things. By the third day, you can eat almost anything with enough ketchup on it.

Basically, the food, especially in county facilities, is supposed to be nutritious, not necessarily delicious.

Prayers are still needed for a few more issues, but I am grateful for each drop of relief along the way. Mostly, I pray I can keep my internet connection...

Father, thank you for today's help and guidance. Watch over us on our journey and give us the wisdom to see the path even when it is strewn with boulders.   

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