Sunday, July 21, 2013

Why Beverage Cozies are Great for Horribly Humid Days

The 3 main reasons why beverage cozies (ready-made or DIY) are perfect for this season are
1 - cotton cozies keep fingers from sliding on wet cans, bottles and glasses
2 - cotton cozies absorb condensation, avoiding moisture rings and puddles on tabletops
3 - cotton cozies help keep cold drinks cooler for longer periods of time

You can easily crochet them yourself or you can easily buy ready made cozies to suit your needs.

If you crochet, get this free pattern, right on this blog

If you crochet but prefer to print from a .file rather than print from the blog, get a .pdf for just $.99 here

If you cannot crochet or you don't have the time right now, get ready-made cozies from my shop. You can even request special colors and specify how many you need.

No matter whether you buy them or make them, and no matter where you get them, there's no doubt that they will not only brighten these hot, sticky days, but they will make your life easier as well.

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