Sunday, July 21, 2013

Good News a Few Days Late

Ok, here we go with three topics - Why this Post is Late, Good News a Little Late, and Firefox Mozilla Update.

Why this Post is Late
I'd planned to post some good news on Friday night but we've had two nights of severe weather here in Vegas. Both nights were typical storms in our monsoon season - heavy rains, severe winds and abundant lightning strikes.

Friday night, our winds hit 75 mph in many neighborhoods and we recorded over 700 lightning strikes. Last night, our winds hit 85 mph and we recorded over 500 lightning strikes and golf ball sized hailstone in some areas.

The senior mobile home park I live in wasn't too badly hit. Some home were without power. Several folks lost their front porch and/or back driveway carport awnings. One woman's large mulberry was yanked out of the ground by the roots and is laying on her lot. A large piece of palm tree hit a neighbor's home almost across from my home, put a hole in the back of her coach, and hit with such force that one of her bathroom medicine cabinets flew open and the contents dropped into her sink.

Our home was spared. I had to recover the garbage can and some recycle bins. I also had to pick up the rain spout from the ground and secure it. It just missed the car window. So, we were very fortunate.
We expect some peace until this coming weekend when we might have a repeat.

Good News a Little Late
Friday morning, we finally received a county medical assistance card for my nephew. It will cover primary care visits to a clinic as well as prescriptions. It must be renewed every three months. This is not a problem considering what a blessing this is.

Frank has had no coverage since April of 2011. That was the last time he had any diabetes medicine. We have been having a hard time financially and make no excuses for the fact that, for both of us, food is a comforter.

We were blessed with a really quick appointment - this coming Tuesday (day after tomorrow).
Getting the prescriptions is inconvenient because we must drive over 10 miles to either of the two places which accept the county card.

Also, when he finally gets SSDI, he will need this card for medical coverage until he hits 60 (he's 57) and Medicare kicks in.

Our goal, then, is two-fold - get the diabetes and his other conditions under control; get a doctor to state that he is functionally disabled regarding his ability to maintain a job.

Firefox Mozilla Update
And, finally, I have made my peace with Firefox. I'm now familiar with their "look" and their most immediately needed features. I find Firefox to be much faster than IE8. It also seems to use less RAM. I'm told that IE8 forces folks to use Java and that this eats up memory. More on Firefox later. I'm just happy that I have absolutely no trouble posting in Blogger since I switched over. I should have listened to my brother two years ago and made the switch back then.
Well, that's enough for one night.  God is good. Enough said.  

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