Monday, July 22, 2013

Family Reunion Coming Up? Give the Gift of Memories

It's often very expensive to give mementos for a family reunion.

A good reunion memento/souvenir should be
        easy to carry and pack into a flight bag (lightweight)
        something to keep always (not perishable)
   •     able to survive the trip home (not fragilej)
        related to this particular reunion (unique)
        able to jog memories when folks get back home (memory)
        inexpensive for the reunion planning committee (low cost)
        able to withstand the test of time (a forever thing)

An ideal gift, and low cost as well, is the Family Reunion Report, a true Gift of Memories. This report (see it at this link) includes lots of news of the day for a specific date.

Most folks choose the oldest person expected to come to the reunion. They use that person's birthday. And they have a lot of fun, each one reading their copy of the report while this person reminisces about the news in that report.

You can easily pick a different date - perhaps a date when you first began having these reunions.
Or a special milestone in your family that means something for all of you.

Back home, these can be framed for a memorable keepsake.

What a conversation starter. See how many of the younger folks remember the older songs or movies or sports trivia. And, they are priced to fit into any reunion budget.

It is so easy. Buy one and state the few pieces of information needed to generate the report. In a day or so, no more, the report is emailed to you. Print it and run off copies, one for each family coming to the event.    

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