Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Giving Thanks On Our Behalf and For Others

We've been so busy in many ways that I haven't posted my thanks of late. Each night before bed, however, when my head hits the pillow, before my eyes close, I always offer up thanks. I begin with thanks for the easy-to-overlook things like the very beds we sleep in. Then I thank him for our mobile home, for leading us to it very firmly over a dozen years ago. I thank him for its shelter for its possibilities, for the comfort and peace it has given us. I thank him for the community we live in and for the friends we've made and for the opportunities it has given us to give back.

Then I move on to the day itself. Each day is different. Some days I simply thank him for the fortitude and stamina I need these days to stand at the sink and make our meals. I thank him for putting up with my complaining (yes, I do that, too many times) and whining. I thank him for his love.

Today (and in the past few days) I have much to thank him for. We finally got Frank on county medical assistance, which includes hospitalization and prescriptions. This is no-cost and will continue until he is 60 and Medicare kicks in. I thank him that the renewal process, which must be done every three months, will be reasonably easy because I now know the process.

I thank him for the appointment we had today and the fact that this doctor completely understood the long-term disabling effects of Hidradenitis suppurativa, and will be our doctor in treating Frank. This doctor is also willing, when officially requested to do so, to provide a statement that my nephew is no longer able to hold a job because of this condition.

I thank the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, all, for these things. And also for the meds we will be picking up (after dropping off the Rx today) for Frank's diabetes, blood pressure and an antibiotic to combat the condition to some degree.

Oh, this doesn't mean I am not still worried about a lot of things. I have no idea how I will meet some financial obligation still coming due before the end of the month. Robbing Peter to pay Paul works for a while but then even Peter doesn't have anything left. We're at that stage, but I know it will work out. It always does. And many of you share these worries in your own households.
Sweet Jesus, thank you for so many blessings these days, and always. It has been a long road and we still have a long way to go. Still, it is easier traveling when we know you have our backs. Please continue to bless us. And please bless the folks we know who also suffer with both medical and financial worries. And thank you for loving them, as well.  

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