Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blessings Come in Lots of Different Wrappings

Most of you know how we've been worrying about how to pay the rest of the bills this month. Yesterday I had just about decided to take out a Payday loan. This would have been in addition to two short term loans I've got open right now. I hated the idea of going into even more debt but I hated even more facing the consequences of not paying the rest due this month. We are behind in utilities, the car payment, and a few other things.

That said, and this being a 24/7 town where lots of business offices are open even on Sunday, marvelous things happened today.

No, I didn't receive unexpected cash. 

However, there are other ways the bills are often worked out. Some defer a payment until the end of the installment plan; others allow us to delay the payment a few weeks, and others can split the past due amount(s) into smaller payments.

We were blessed in unexpected ways today, and we can survive until my Social Security comes in mid-August. What a relief. And totally unexpected.
Sweet Lord Jesus, thank you for always being there for us. I'm sure there were tough times for your family as well, having to move to Egypt to escape violence and then having to rebuild Joseph's business when he brought you all back home again when you were hitting your teen years. None of us ever think about that, but because of it, we can easily come to you with everyday household worries. You always understand my problems.  

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