Friday, July 26, 2013

A Craft-y Pinterest Junkie' s Worries

Okay, back in January, I confessed to beinga Pinterest addict, especially when it comes to anything crafty. My addiction has become more severe since that post. Now I have quite a few Boards. I keep finding projects that I want to try and I "pin" them so I will not lose them. And there they stay. And stay...and stay...

The other day, I was following someone else's Boards and noticed she had one where she more or less ordered herself to do "these things or else." In other words, she was desperately trying to make sure she actually tried some of these projects in real life.

I think I need to do that. I try to only "pin" things that are quick or easy or both. Somehow, I've managed to do at least half a dozen of the hundreds of projects I now have pinned. You can see where this is going.

 I'm thinking of perhaps starting a Board where I "pin" things that I actually tried from my "pins." Maybe I could make myself try one DIY project a week. Um. Maybe I'd better make that one a month. Maybe I should at least start with one...But when I go onto my Boards, I end up daydreaming my way through all those great ideas.

I now have a brand new concern. What on earth will I ever do if Pinterest ever goes away? I would lose all those links. That is one terrifying thought. Hopefully it's enough to force me to begin checking each one and then saving it on my hard drive or on hard copy.

Now, I need to try to also try to curb my addiction, weak craft-loving DIY-junkie that I am. Does anyone know if they have a recovery program for Pinterest addicts????  

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