Friday, July 12, 2013

Ants, Ants, Ants - Dealing with the Tiny Pests

Ants, Ants, Ants - Dealing with the Tiny Pests

This morning I had an adventure with teeny tiny ants, very common here in our desert climate. They were over Silkie's food area in the kitchen. I wouldn't even have noticed them except for the fact that I always give her 5 Temptations treats in a little recycled butter-cup lid. She was sitting staring at the lid, with the treats still on it, for a few minutes. Normally she almost inhales those.

They were pale red and I had to open the fridge door to get the right light angle to even see them. If she hadn't refused to dine with them, I might not have noticed until they totally took over the house.

I cleaned them up, spraying us into a stupor. When I went in afterwards, to catch a breath, on the couch, two of them were on me. We weren't sure if I carried them on my feet/slippers into the LR or not. So, I sprayed the couch area, hauled out the vacuum and went over the LR and middle room carpeting, sprayed some more. Sprayed around all doorways to the outside and all window sills I could reach. As hard as they are to see in the kitchen, they're jut as hard to see on the medium brown carpeting in the other rooms.

I still have half a can of spray left, and I'm gonna hang it around my neck so I'm ready if we didn't get them all.

Those little fellows worry me. I know they are very strong. I picture them ganging up on me when I sleep, carrying me on their super-hum-ant backs, to their nest. I sure hope I got them all.


Bawissa AKA Melissa said...

We're battling ants today too. Ours are primarily in my part of the garden. Last year, they totally destroyed my crop of radishes. I didn't get to eat one single radish! However, this year, I've been blessed with an abundance of radishes. The ants are still hanging around though. Today, we saw some more in the garden so Dad put some ant poison under the dividers that separate Carrotland (my garden) from the rest of the family garden. My carrots are still very young so I'm praying that the ants won't mess with them. I hope you got all of your ants out too! Have a great day!

Evelyn Mayfield said...

There's nothing like the taste of a fresh radish or a fresh young carrot, straight from the garden. Praying you get a bountiful crop this year. We always had trouble with carrots in the places we tried to grow them. The bed has to be nice and soft for a foot or two deep in order for them to grow nice and straight. I got a big kick out of you naming your part of the garden Carrotland (LOL).