Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rearranging an Etsy Shop

For Etsy shop owners, the home page of a shop can often become cluttered in appearance. This is because each time our listing expires and we renew it, the fresh listing goes to the top left of the shop's home page. Eventually, that page is a mish-mosh. 

I realized that when I happened to be comparing something in a shop this weekend. The shop had some mens things on p. 1 and some on p. 3; and it had some baby things on p. 2 and on p. 3. I quickly zipped into my ownshop and yep, it, too, was confusing. Some beverage cozies (one of my best summertime sellers) were on p. 1 and some on p. 3. I found gloves on all 3 pages. 

Okay. It was time to get it into shape. I first had to turn on my "rearrange shop" options. That's under Your Shop, Shop Settings, Info & Appearance, and then Options, and click "enable."

Then I went back to the main page of my shop. Over on the left, at the bottom of the scroll bar, there was a place to click to rearrange the items.

Now this takes a bit of patience. But I just did a few and saved and went back each time I had the time. I gathered all my beverage cozies together, and my gloves, and so on.

Now, because I know each time I renew, it will kick this out of sync again, I first went into my listings, to the very last page, and found all my listings which expire this month and just renewed them all at once. This way, I can do this at the beginning of each month. 

But now I'm finished until August 7th, I think. And that first page that shoppers see is a lot neater and coherent. If a shopper stops by, and things are confusing, they will likely not bother going to other pages, and worse, they might not even come back.

There is one bug in this system. It only arranges that main gallery of items. When a shopper clicks on the categories, and they go to a clothing page, for example, they will still see gloves and slippers scattered all over, not neatly arranged together. Hmmm. I think I need to visit the Forums and mention that. The PTB (powers that be) do check those Forums and if enough Etsysians ask for something, they try to make it so.   

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