Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Great Site for Scrap Crochet Patterns and Two Tips

For quite a while, I have planned to try a new cross pattern. I 'pinned' it so I wouldn't lose it. Today I went into my Pinterest board and found it and printed it. I will be making a zillion of these during this hot spell we are having in Las Vegas. They are small and easy to do.

TIP #1:
If you try this pattern, please be sure to read the comment below the post. Ann, the commenter, gives a tip on how to make it all in one piece. She also adds tips on other ways to vary this pattern.

TIP #2:
Be sure to bookmark this blog, Scrap Yarn Crochet. There are a zillion other scrap crochet patterns here. It is a gold mine for all those little balls of this and that which we crocheters accumulate by the bagful. One that I love is the Free Scrappy Flower Crochet Pattern because it is a great join-as-you-go motif pattern. I can't get enough of these. They can be big (scarf) or little (bookmark). There is also a cute lettuce pincushion and a rose and a few bookmarks.

This blog stopped adding new posts sometime in 2011. But you can click to see her profile and see a list of her other, more current blogs. One of them, Crochet Squared, has a great mitered crochet blocks and she hopes to post instructions for it soon.

Another of her blogs is "allcrochet" at this link. She has this one for clothes for her daughter's American Girl doll and clothes for her stuffed animals.

The blogger/designer is Cherie Durbin. I am so happy I discovered her and wish I had found her long ago. I just spent an hour or so making those crochet crosses. I made a few with #10 thread and a 7 hook, and I made some with worsted and a J hook. I want to try some with rug yarn that I found in here, tomorrow, for wall crosses.

Have fun!    

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