Thursday, June 20, 2013

Update on Recent Prayer Request Re SSDI Claim

Two days ago, I asked for prayers for our visit with a disability lawyer. I just wanted to thank you for those prayers. I also didn't want to dash your hopes for quick answers. The journey we are on, to disability for my nephew, will not be a quick one.

However, your prayers helped him sit through the 3 hours at that office. Considering his condition, sitting that long is torture, but he made it.

So, for now, here's where we stand. The claim is now filed. Their SSDI specialist did all this preliminary filing. The lawyers come into play later, if need be.  This man previously spent 30 years in the SSDI aspect of the Social Security Administration. He knew his stuff. He also said that in our case, he has no doubt that it will go through. However, there is no way to tell how long it will take.

We are waiting for a copy of Frank's amended birth certificate. We need to turn that in to the office. We are waiting for a county medical card which will get him free medical assistance. As soon as we have that, we need to turn in a doctor's name and hopefully, a list of prescriptions. Apparently, showing that he is currently being treated for the condition, and showing that he is medicated for it, helps a great deal.

As for that medical services card, where we are, it takes two steps. We had to go to the State office where you apply for food stamps and also for Medicaid. Today, we went up and applied for the Medicaid. The lawyer said we will be turned down for that. However, we can't apply for the county card, which he said we will get, until we prove we tried for the State aid. So, we need to give it a day or after today for today's claim to be put into the system. Then we apply for the county card. With God's help, we could have that card sometime next week.

That means we can finally get him in for treatment. That will likely be a lot of antibiotics and some strong pain meds.

Along the way, we need to visit a social services office to have the ER visit costs, from June 4th, dismissed. That's another load of paperwork.

If you have not ever dealt with any kind of local, county, state or federal assistance, be forewarned of the mountain of paperwork. The food stamps app, alone, is a 19 page printout. Of that, about 5 pages are instructions and information, but still, 14 pages of questions to be answered can terrify most people.

So, for now, we have begun. And with your help and prayers from yesterday, the first round went smoothly. We have a long way to go...but we're hanging on tight and hope it's a smooth, rather than bumpy, ride.

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