Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Having Fun Revising my Bucket List

I had a sort of bucket list long before the movie and before they became popular. Back in the day, on several of my milestone birthdays (30, 40, 45, etc.), I'd jot down things I wanted to do or see "before I hit 40" or "before I hit 50" and so on.

Now, with Pinterest, I've been updating my list. In the old days, I really had a wild list. It might have also been a bit crazy. Some silly things included wanting to learn to play the harmonica, go on specific ocean cruises, and more.

These days, the harmonica is out - not easy to do with dentures. Ocean cruises are out, too, because I found I get a bit sea-sick because of an inner ear problem. However, they have some great American river cruises that I would truly love to take.

The only thing that has consistently ended up on my list is my wish to ride on the back of a motorcycle. My "baby" brother who will be 70 in September, has a Harley in pieces at his little cabin in the high desert in CA. It is, or was, a Shovelhead. He says it was so comfortable to ride that his wife used to almost fall asleep when she rode on it with him. He can't afford to restore it but he can't bear to give it up. Guess I won't be riding on the back of that one.

Anyhow, one other thing, which I'm going to add tonight, is to walk just 10 or 12 steps on the same ground that Jesus walked in the Holy Land 2000 years ago. That's about the only trip I'd be willing to leave the country to do, what with all the airline regs and risks today.

I have a few other things on my list and will be adding to them off and on, just for fun. If you wanna peek, go to my Pinterest page...here.

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