Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Could Use a Few Prayers for Tomorrow

Briefly, we have an appointment with a disability lawyer tomorrow and we are praying they will agree we have a good enough case for them to consider taking it. Also, praying that one of several doctors we've called will agree to look at my nephew and agree that he is no longer able to work.

We're also in the midst of amending his birth certificate, which we also need, to reflect the name he has lived under since he was a few months old. There was a difference in the spelling and we needed documentation which we hope we have found and will get notarized and mail off this week.

Unfortunately, each of these things can involve at least a few weeks delay in submitting the application. So, anyone with a spare moment and a good heart, if you can pray for guidance for us and for those on our list of documentation contacts, we'd appreciate it. We're now climbing that first hill in this upcoming roller coaster ride.

Lord Jesus, we trust you to help us along the way. We will accept anything we must accept but we also need to be alert to anything you are trying to tell us to make this journey a bit easier. Yet, not our will but the Father's be done.

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