Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Update on Prayer Request

Yesterday I made a prayer request. We are very tired tonight but I need to post an update for you. Most of you know that an ER visit is never quick, but we went at 10 and were home by 3. Considering some past visits in my lifetime, I am very happily surprised.

As for the outcome...thankfully, they did not see any immediately dangerous conditions. That was a big fear of ours. So, many thanks to all of you for your prayers!

They want him to have that eye looked at as soon as possible. Their facility didn't have an ophthalmology department. However, we must go back, somewhere, in three days for a follow up and they suggested we try the closest branch of our county hospital's Urgent Care/Primary Care clinic. We have one just a couple of miles from us and will do that.

As for his arm, they suspect it is simply degenerative. They did say that there's always a possibility of a pinched nerve or something similar but it would mean a visit to a neurosurgeon and so he will just deal with that.

He has a condition called Hidradenitis suppurativa which runs in families. I won't go into it online. If your family members get it, or someone you know does, then you totally understand. If it's under the arms, or under the boobs, they can do surgery. Where his is, they rarely do because it's rarely successful. They did a lot of cutting and we need to go for a wound care check in 3 days. That will be a good motivator for us to get him set up at that clinic location. As with the arm, this does not improve along the way.

So, bottom line, we have at least now got some documentation as to some of his issues. These are all things that make it impossible for him to hold down a job and be a productive, reliable employee at this stage of his life.

The good news is that at least tonight, even though he is as sore as heck, he says it is a different kind of sore and a bit of a relief.

Our next hurdle is to get his meds, tomorrow, hopefully. I unexpectedly got a small order for some of my plastic canvas satin ribbon crosses and the man will get them tomorrow. It should be enough for the pain meds and the antibiotics. Just enough - just in time. How great is that?

Sweet, loving Jesus, thank you for the strength and perseverance and stamina Frank needed to go through this today. Keep us on track on this next leg of life's journey, so that he may heal from today's actions without infection, and so that we may move forward in the right ways for his disability efforts. Bless all those who kept us in their prayers!

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