Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rx Prices for the Uninsured

Wow, what a difference it makes when you shop around for a prescription and you are uninsured, as my nephew is. I almost always use CVS myself because my Medicare supplemental plan works well there. Rarely does anything cost me more than a $5 co-pay.

However, when I took Frank's 3 prescriptions (1 pain med, 2 antibiotics) there for a price check yesterday on the way home from the ER, they said it would cost $45+. That was terrifying. I am hoping a gentleman shows up today at 2, as promised, for a small cross order and a paperback copy of my Busy Person's Prayer Book. But that order will not cover the Rx cost at CVS.

Yesterday, after all the ER drama, and Frank in such pain on the way home, and the heat here in Vegas over 100, I didn't want to stop at any other places. We went the whole night and it will be most of today, without antibiotics.

This morning, however, I went to our closest Walmart pharmacy and I just got back. Same Rx items, different price, by far: $17.72 - now if this guy shows up today, THAT I can handle, plus pick up some med supplies he needs for a day or so. If this guy does not show up for the order, I might be able to borrow that much. It is certainly a big difference, compared to the earlier price check at CVS. So, if you are uninsured, try to price check for those meds!

Lord Jesus, thank you for the stamina and patience I needed today to do the price check. And please, keep Frank free of infection until I can pay for those meds and get them home to him!

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