Monday, June 3, 2013

Quick Request for Prayers

If you can spare a moment, we'd appreciate a special prayer for a favorable outcome for our trip to a local ER tomorrow for my middle-aged nephew. He has been enduring extreme pain for almost a year, continuing to put in employment applications wherever he felt they'd be considered. We could not even consider disability while he was on unemployment but that ended almost two weeks ago.

So, we're headed down to the ER for a head-to-toe look at his med issues. They include, but are not limited to: an almost useless right arm at present, pain and progressively worse sight in the eye he stroked out in two years ago, arthritis which he's had since he was 10, an issue with a personal part of his person, and no circulation in his legs.

Most of these things have been going on for almost the whole year but have gotten worse because we had no money. I can explain a lot more later, if need be, but for now, we want to begin the process of getting some of these things healed. What cannot be healed, we want documented so we can apply for disability as soon as possible.

From my viewpoint, and I have seen him literally shaking with pain while trying to simply eat his dinner, I will be thrilled if they give him some meds to at least allow him to sleep at night for more than an hour or so because of the pain.

So, off we go, sometime tomorrow morning.

Sweet Jesus, thank you for carrying him this long under conditions that would have had many men weeping. He refuses to show pain outside the house - I ask your help in finding us the right doctors, the right technicians, the right diagnosis for each ailment. And, if it be according to the Father's will, I ask, simply, some relief for him. Oh, and, you know, of course, that we both hope it will not involve a hospital stay for many reasons.


Anonymous said...

Hi Evelyn...I am praying your nephew gets total disability. It sounds like unless someone has a real answer for him, or the LORD completely heals him, he would have a very hard time working. I think plain you have to live with is terrible, and I'm sorry to hear this~ ♥♥♥

Evelyn Mayfield said...

I agree. We are facing the fact that, at 57, these issues will keep him from doing any job well. The last two he had, he had a hard, hard time keeping up with the staff. We appreciate your prayers...