Sunday, June 2, 2013

Prayer Shawl for my Etsy Shop

Triangular Prayer Shawl in my Etsy Shop
I have been pushing myself to produce some special things for my Etsy shop. I should be able to take the photos this week and list them. The first new things I will be adding are prayer shawls. I'm adding the one in the photo tonight but I really want to take one or two other photos and add them, too.

These are an especially pretty pattern, triangular and lacey. This is the pattern we use most often for our charity crafting. One of our Friday morning charity crafters has used this one since 1972. It is easy and very lovely.

Anyhow, I have three completely finished.

The one in the photo, which I call Purple Passion, uses 4 colors, but it almost looks like just 3 - lavender, dark lavender, darker lavender and black. The two darker lavender's are almost the same. The difference is very subtle.

The other two which are finished are the one in brown, tan and black, and the one in several shades of red, which I will call Lipstick. I just have to take the photos.

I am almost finished one which is shades of red and white. It will look almost Christmas-y, but I might even call it Strawberry Shortcake. The white is kinda like whipped cream and the red reminds me of the berries.

A few weeks ago, I posted that I'd have a strange feeling that things had turned a corner in my life and that I would be starting an upswing. Well, it hasn't happened financially, that's for sure.

However, I have begun de-cluttering with a happy energy, limited as it may be. With the de-cluttering, I am finding things that are giving me ideas for my shop. I am very excited. I am also unearthing small stashes of yarn and other supplies for these projects. That alone is a real treat because it will be a very long time before I can buy any craft supplies. Yep, this is indeed a happy turn of events.

I will also be adding a new set of printable bookmarks. This will be a set which has bible verses - 2 for brand new Holy Communion celebrants and 2 for brand new Confirmation celebrants.

I have also completed a set for crafters in general, and one for crocheters in particular. I am hard at work on several for senior citizens, and even a set for word-smiths (writers and editors!), and another set for Bingoholics.

Can't wait to fill my shop with these offers.

Oh, and I think I have finished the instructions for some free crochet patterns. Because some folks find it a pain to copy and paste or print from a blog (where I offer the freebies), I'll be putting them in my shop also, as .pdf's, for just $0.99 each. By the time Etsy takes their listing fee, and PayPal gets their transaction fee, I'll only get about $0.60. But it is easy income because I only do the work once and buyers automatically download the files without my getting involved except for the listing.

In the meantime, I am happily de-cluttering and am slowly turning my bedroom into a special room for me - bed, computer, chairs for crafting, and an old but faithful TV which gets local channels and has a built in VCR - I just love some of my old VCR tapes. 

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