Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Newest Kitty and Her Fresh Catnip Adventure

1st Public Photo of Silkie!
Two days ago, I wrote about my "gardening" adventures. This morning, when splashing some water onto the window-box planter with the catnip and the purple flowered vine, I decided it was time to trim the catnip. I cut the flowers off. I will dry those separately. Not sure how I will handle them. I also cut down about six of the taller stalks.

In the house, I pulled off the bottom leaves of the stalks, about ten of them. I found Silkie's little furry mousie and pulled apart the Velcro opening and shoved the fresh leaves inside. Before I could even get the mousie back to the living room, from the kitchen, she was following me.

She loved it. Her almost-two-year-old self first rubbed against it. Then she rested her head on it. Then she tossed it. Within three minutes, however, she was zoned out, half a room away, and is now resting next to it. She is totally out.

I'm drying some more leaves. I've also got some of the stalks in water to root them. I hope to start my own plant. The one outside is only visiting until October when my neighbors come home.

So, being the curious (nosey?) person I have been since almost-after-birth, I had to check out catnip. I found out that cats will not OD on it - they seem to know when they've had enough. They like to chew or eat the fresh leaves, and they enjoy the dried ones in their toys.

From the descriptions of several varieties, I found that this one is the most common. It has white flowers, green leaves with no spots, and is the variety cats most enjoy.

I also found out that is a better insect repellent than the one used in most commercial repellent products, and that it is good at repelling cockroaches. I never knew that!

For humans, it also has uses. There are variations online of catnip tea. It is supposed to soothe the stomach. It is said to help with headaches, scarlet fever, coughing, insomnia, and smallpox. Crushing fresh leaves, dampening them and putting them on cuts is supposed to help healing. It is also said that it is good as: anesthetic, antibiotic, anti rheumatic, antispasmodic, astringent, carminative, diuretic, muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, chills, cold in the joints, haemorrhoids, toothache.

However, I noticed it said that pregnant women should avoid it!

Well, I reckon I could do worse than keep some of this stuff around. Let's see - it has been half an hour, and Silkie is still zoned out and hasn't bothered me for treats. Yep, I'll keep it around!

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