Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why I Love to Kneel When I Pray

I’ve written several times about my habit of kneeling when I pray. This is especially true when I am about to go to bed for the night. Sometimes, in a crisis, I will even do that during the day.

Mostly, kneeling helps me focus on my conversation with God. We humans are easily distracted. This can happen with anything from the ring of a phone, the sound of a TV in a distant room, a car racing up the street outside, a pet wandering by. I, especially, am easily distracted. Sometimes it is by my own thoughts – they are often anything but spiritual when they fight for my attention. Whether it’s financial, social, household-related, or whatever, it can easily cause me to forget why I am trying to pray at that moment.

Kneeling, however, is a signal to both my body and my soul.

Now, I am not a martyr – not in any sense of the word. I am a flesh-and-blood being with flesh-and-blood problems and selfish needs. So there are times when I am tempted to just climb into bed and pray from there.

The thing is – I am very grateful that I can still kneel in prayer. For several months, two or three years ago, I couldn’t do that because of foot surgery that resulted in my wearing a cast for those months. I was so happy when I could once again kneel in prayer.

As a Catholic, I am rather comical when I try to genuflect getting into a pew the few times I make it to church these days. Getting down on one knee isn’t the problem – it’s the getting back up. So I end up doing a sort of curtsy – or I just do not bother. I figure the Lord knows I am happy enough to have made it to his house for the visit. He also is well aware of my physical limits.

So, for the months or years that I have left, I will rejoice in being able to kneel in prayer. I know far too many folks, even younger than my 73 years, who can no longer do that.

Dear God, I am so happy to be able to come to you on bended knees in prayer each night. Bless me, please, with the ability to concentrate when I come to talk with you. And bless those, please, who would love to still be able to kneel in prayer and who can no longer do so.

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