Monday, April 1, 2013

Differences Between Seals and Sea Lions

I did a search tonight to refresh my memory about the differences between seals and sea lions. Back in the 60s, when I lived for 17 years in Atlantic City (before gambling changed everything), there was a sea lion exhibit at the inlet end of the island (Absecon Island). Back then, I knew the differences very well. However, the 50 years since then clouded my memory.

For those who want a fresh conversation-starter, there are two big differences.

First, seals have ear holes but sea lions have ear flaps which look like little ears.

Second, seals have short front flippers (they must wiggle along when they are on land) and sea lions have bigger front flippers (they “walk” when they are on land).

There are other differences, of course, like some whisker differences and a different way of swimming for each species.

All of this made me think about our creator. Man was the last of God’s creations. And it seems to me that he went all out with us. In all the other types of living things, the differences defined the species.

For instance, there are many types of monkeys and apes; but most chimps look the same and most spider monkeys look the same and most orangutans look the same. This holds for types of birds – most robins look alike, and most bluebirds look alike and most bald eagles look alike.

Man, however, is one species. Yet we have so many differences - Hair color, skin color, size and shape. We have different voices, different eye colors, different size adam’s apples, different size breasts and butts. Oh, it seems to me that by the time God got to us, we got the best of his effort – he went all out for us!

Heavenly Father, help us to celebrate the differences between each person on our life’s journey as an example of your love, and help us to avoid seeing the differences as something to criticize or dislike.

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