Monday, April 15, 2013

Why I Love the HDC Stitch in Crochet

Free Pattern for Scarf for the Homeless
When I posted a day or two ago about the new patterns I will be sharing in a few days, I didn’t realize they both use my fave stitch – the lowly HDC (half double crochet). I think this stitch is grossly under-rated.

This stitch is happily adaptable. It is not quite twice-as-tall as the single crochet, and it is just a little shorter than the double crochet. Sometimes a single crochet is a little too tight or dense or heavy for certain projects. Sometimes the double crochet is a little too loose for those projects. The hdc is perfect at those times. It provides firmness and stability but it is not too heavy.

I love how it can be just a plain hdc. Or, if done in a back-loop-only or a front-loop-only, it becomes a flexible ribbing.

If done in the ripple pattern, it again offers more drape than a heavier single crochet while still providing warmth.

I also love the laziness of working it. It is almost as easy as the single crochet, and it only uses one wrap so I don’t have to keep looping-the-loops. This really satisfies the urge I have in my current later years for quick-and-easy patterns.

I used it in my freebie patterns, the scarf for the homeless, my short-rib edging, and my easy peasy dishcloth.

I guess you can tell I really love this stitch. 

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