Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why I Share Some Things Online

I’m sure some folks misinterpret my reasons for sharing some of our household issues online. Some might even consider it whimpering or whining or even hinting at a need for help.

None of these is a motive behind my sharing our troubles.

See, I have enough sense to know that, compared to many others, our troubles are relatively small. When I think of some folks right here in my own senior mobile home park, and the troubles they face and are enduring, I know I am blessed, indeed.

My main reason for posting some general issues is to help others who are going through worries far worse than my own. You see, I figure if they see that, with faith, we can get through these things, then perhaps they, too, will open their hearts and minds to ask for heavenly help.

So, the reason behind my being so frank about our household issues is simply that – if we can get through these things, with his help, then perhaps you can, too.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep each of you in my heart and in my prayers…personally, I love looking back at troubles I’ve had in the past, and seeing how they were overcome and how things worked out. In this way, hindsight is truly a happy thing.

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Cathy said...

To me, your blog title says it all...PRAYERS, CRAFTS and LIFE~
That is what you are sharing and that is great! I also love how you give the LORD credit for all His help and provisions~ Even how He keeps you from worrying or fretting too much. What do people do without the LORD??? ♥♥♥