Monday, April 15, 2013

The Desert, Jesus, and Me

It is a slightly worrisome night here in Las Vegas. Many folks who visit here do not think about the fact that, in spite of water shows and grassy communities, we are in the middle of a desert. Here, when the winds come up, it is perfectly normal for them to gust 40 to 60 mph.

I really need to get at least two more lanterns for inside our mobile home for when the inevitable power outages occur. I do have one, but it would be easier to have 3 so I can space them throughout the home. This eliminates the danger of stepping on the cat in the pitch dark, falling (just me, or me falling on her) and the resulting bone-breaks. I’m sort of making light of this, but not entirely.

Tonight, the winds are coming up pretty strong. I have the urge to crawl up a ladder and bungee-cord the roof to the underside of the mobile home. Given my intense fear of heights, that would be a session for a possible viral You Tube production.

All kidding aside, I have already prayed several times for protection from the dangers of the wind. I’ve prayed for our home to hold together including the lattice that shields our driveway from the brutal desert sun in the summer. I’ve prayed that we will be safe and not hurt ourselves if there is a power outage. And I’ve also prayed for similar protection for everyone in our 400+ community of seniors.

This is important – praying for the others. I am capable and willing to pray for me and mine. But some of these folks live alone. Their families are often several states away, or even across the country. Many of them are tethered to their oxygen machines, or dependent on nebulizers. Some could find themselves stuck on an electric lift-chair if the power goes out. Many are very unsteady on their legs. So, I worry for them, as well.

Mostly, I’ve had a few one-on-ones with Jesus tonight. He lived and walked and preached in weather such as this. I feel a kinship here, especially, with him. He, who walked on water and also calmed the sea, understands the dangers of this weather. So, I trust him to do all he can to protect us.

Lord Jesus, thank you for spending time here on earth and living those years in the desert. I know you understand why we are concerned tonight. Watch over us, please, and calm the winds around our homes as much as possible. As always, not our will, but the Father’s, be done. 

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