Sunday, April 21, 2013

Printable Bookmark Sets Now in my Etsy Shop

I am so excited. Etsy is now set up so that any digital files I plan to sell (patterns, printable designs, my book of prayers, etc.) can be instantly downloaded. Up to now, it was something I hated doing. Folks would pay for an item. I'd get a message in my special email box, and then I'd have to manually send an email to the buyer's email account and attach the .pdf file. Now, it is done instantly. The buyer pays and they immediately get an email from Etsy with a link for the download. How great is that?

I celebrated by listing two sets of printable bookmarks in my shop. Right now, each set has 4 different designs that will print on a single page. They are then cut apart (or they can be first laminated and then cut apart). Buyers can make as many sets as they wish.
These two sets are Christian in theme (Bible Verses and Christian Acronyms). I am in the middle of making a larger file that I will offer. That file will have a separate page for each design, with 4 of a particular design on a single page. This way, someone can print just one design (dozens or hundreds, whatever) at a time, instead of having to print all 4 in a set. I hope to put that up later this week. I hope to do some other sets with Christian humor, quotes and so on.
Meanwhile, I am busy making other bookmarks - for crafters, for crocheters, for senior humor, for pet owners, and more...I really am having fun with this...  

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