Monday, April 22, 2013

All His Love

I imagine some folks would consider some of my conversations with Jesus to be a little strange. Simply put, I often talk to him as I would a friend or relative or other loved one here on earth. One of the reasons for this habit I have is that I feel he understands far more than we give him credit for.

Oh, I know we all realize he loves us. After all, he suffered and died for us.

But I often forget that he walked this earth for 33 years. He knows what the heat of summer feels like, what a storm can do to living quarters, how hunger feels, how great it feels to celebrate an event with friends and loved ones.

Even though he likely never felt things like jealousy or envy, he knows righteous indignation. He understands duty. He knew people who had all the faults a human can have.

So I've been teaching myself to remember these things. When I need to stretch food dollars further than I imagine they can go, I ask him to remember days when he, or those he knew, faced these things.

When I feel totally fatigued and unwilling to deal with fixing supper and then cleaning up afterwards, I remember that his people had far fewer conveniences than I do for these tasks.

And I ask for his help in dealing with many daily issues in my life. I ask him for patience, for stamina, for perseverance, and more.

Sweet Jesus, you are so willing to help me. This means a lot to me. Sometimes I cannot find one person nearby who can understand what I am facing. And then I remember you. You always listen. And you never criticize or preach. You simply give me all your love and all the help I need. How wonderful is that?

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