Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lots Going On This Week...

When I've got a week like the one I'm dealing with, I try to not deal with everything at one time in my head. Years ago, that was possible. These days, I just make a list for each day, and deal with it that way. Each day, add some items, delete some items; but at least I have a list and I don't need to rely on my unreliable 73-year-old brain cells.

Today, for example, I hadn't planned on it, but our new little almost-2-year-old kitty, Silkie, and who has been with us about 3 months, is going "cold turkey" on her Temptations treats. I had been working up to this but my heart breaks when she cries for them, so I give them to her.

To update you, when we brought her home, she was so traumatized that food was her outlet. She quickly learned that Temptations were her current drug of choice (for me, it's Cheetos; for my nephew, cannolis). I finally found a bag of Purina Healthy Diet and about two weeks ago, began putting some of that on the side each day. At least she has been nibbling at that occasionally. I've tried other dried foods that she just will not eat.

The reason today has become THE day is that funds are non-existent and I am out of Temptations. She is crying pitifully every two hours or so. Each time, I talk to her lovingly. I stroke her lovingly. I'm trying to get her to accept love instead of Temptations. Oh, I'll get some tomorrow but I need to have her go through a complete 24-hour withdrawal. Then I can just do the recommended limit of no more than 15 of these a day, spaced out sensibly.

In the meantime, I am on the computer, expanding the bookmark files I've just put on Etsy for sale. At first, I offered a one-page .pdf with 4 different bookmarks on a single landscape page. One set features Bible verses, the other features Christian acronyms. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to add four more pages. Each one will have four of only one design. This way, folks buy the four designs, but they do not have to print all four designs just to get one that suits their immediate needs. I've just updated my listings. I took some photos of actual bookmarks made from the file, so folks can see some ways to use them.

Also, my mind keeps whirling because our Spring park-wide yard sale is coming up this weekend. Of our 400+ residents in this senior mobile home community, I expect about 20 or 30 will have sales on their driveways. I will be one of them. This means, however, that I must go through things. "Going through things," for me, is a time-consuming process.

It is also the week when I put together our monthly community newsletter. It's a 6-page project, and I need to have a proofing copy ready for Thursday morning for my proofers. Friday and Saturday are yard-sale days, so I will not do anything on it then. But bright and early Sunday morning, I will be printing 435 copies of the duplex issue, and stapling it. I have a wonderful resident who then takes them and distributes the appropriate counts to about 7 folks in here who then deliver to each home. I also deliver about 50 homes myself, me and my quad cane.

Of course, in the interim, there are groceries, meals and everyday things to deal with.

Yep, I've got a busy little week. But you wanna know something? There are days when, if I didn't have some of these irons in the fire, it might be very hard to make myself do anything. I think the Lord is making sure I do not freeze, mentally and physically, too soon. Still, I wonder if he has more confidence in my stamina-level than I have.


Betty Lou said...

You do the footwork, God will see to it that you have strength. Have a good week.

Evelyn Mayfield said...

You are so right, Betty Lou...thanks for the reminder.
Hugs and prayers