Sunday, March 3, 2013

Links to Easy Lenten/Easter Crafts Incl Palm Weaving

Thought I ought to post this while there is still time for folks to play with some of these quick-and-easy Lenten/Easter DIY projects. The easiest way to see them all is to go to my Pinterest board, here.

At this spot, you'll find the tute for these beautiful felt daffodils. These are probably the only flowers I could handle without killing them. And, I think I could easily do them without any sewing. I am definitely sewing-challenged. The only thing I can do reasonably well with a needle is sew on a button (sigh).

Here, too, you'll find links to palm-weaving projects and even a source or two to buy palm fronds in bulk. When I was little, we used to weave the palm into little baskets and pin them to the lapels of our Easter outfits. I had a dear friend whose father used to make palm roses and lots of other projects each year for them.

There are even no-cooking food ideas like little bunny and duckie pretzel treats and little marshmallow lambs.

Maybe I can add more while there is still time.

Have fun!

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