Monday, March 4, 2013

Cute & Easy Easter Crafts

I had to share some links I just found tonight. Those of you following my Pinterest board can find them there, also.

You can see the clever but quick-and-easy Easter Bunny race cars in the photo. The person who dreamed these up is a genius...the link for the instructions for these is here.

Also, the other photo is a cute chocolate donut Easter basket - another really clever idea, and the link for that one is right here.

At yet another link, here, you'll find quite a few quick-and-easy Easter basket ideas. The menu at the top of the site page shows several Easter DIY categories. What I especially like is that if you are looking for something a bit more spiritual, you can find Resurrection cookies, Empty Tomb treats, Crown of Thorns snacks, and a lot more.

This site is managed by Oriental Trading Co., and I had no idea they had so many quick-and-easy craft ideas at their site. I've purchased craft supplies from them for years and never thought of them this way. You can bet I'll be exploring all their craft ideas over the coming months.

Have fun!

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