Monday, March 11, 2013

Answers to Long-Term Prayer

Friends and neighbors have been praying for many months for a breakthrough in the health problems of one of our own. She lives in our senior mobile home park. In her late 60s, she is small and frail. She has undergone several (three, I believe) open heart surgeries (bypasses). She had been fainting, off and on, much too often for comfort and safety. Additionally, she has been falling, a LOT, lately.

We all love this little lady. She was one of the first members of my charity crafting team from four years ago. She has made and contributed an amazing number of items for our local needy. Lately, her meds have made her so groggy, she cannot crochet any longer. This worried us, too. We know that crocheting was a source of comfort to her.

Mostly, we have been afraid of the unknown. It seemed as though teams, yes, TEAMS, of doctors could not agree on what was wrong with her. I've been praying for what seems forever, for a proper diagnosis.

Tonight, Mary called me. She was excited. They have diagnosed Parkinsons. Now, that would frighten most normal people. For Mary, her hubby, me, and some others, we felt great relief.

Now, finally, if the diagnosis is correct, she can get the correct meds. Now, she can look forward to arresting this disease and slowing it down. Now, she can sleep without fear of not waking up - without fear of something horrible like a brain tumor.

Even more exciting, they have told her that, as they eventually regulate the meds, she can look forward to perhaps crocheting once more. Oh, perhaps not with fine threads and thin hooks. But that is minor, in her eyes. She is so excited at this prospect. I'm looking forward to sharing this news with some friends tomorrow.

Sweet, sweet Jesus, thank you so much for answering all our prayers. Thank you for new hope for our Mary. This will not turn back the clock to her healthier days, but it will help her to enjoy a slightly better quality of life. Thank you, most of all, for being there for all of us, always.

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