Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Newest Fave Food Addiction

I've recently become addicted to a new, but bad for me, evening snack. I suspect it will creep over into other parts of my day, soon.

Background: I often make up "batches" of French Toast with day-old breads from various places. Most times it is whole wheat. I let them sit for a few days. French Toast, to me, cooks up better when not too spongy or fresh.

Anyhow, I usually put the slices in self-seal sandwich baggies. Most are in packs are 3 for my nephew, and I often put a few 2-packs away for me. I usually use 1 to 2 loaves of bread at a time, to make it worth the standing at the stove, turning them.

Ok, my new secret addiction is to take a pack of 2 slices out and defrost/heat them in the toaster. I then spread cream cheese on one side, slap them together, slice diagonally, and get a really evil smile on my face while I enjoy this treat.

I started doing this after one of the breakfast-restaurants advertised something like that with cream cheese in the middle. It nagged at me until I gave in.

I'm hopeless. I'm helpless. I'm in love!!!

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