Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lent's Good Intentions Gone Astray

Here it is, almost half way through Lent, and I've gone so off track with my plans to spend a few moments each day meditating about Christ's 40 days in the desert. I didn't plan to spend a long time each day - no more than ten minutes. I reasoned that even on a truly horrible day, I could squeeze in that much time for him.

Obviously, I have not succeeded. One of my other Lenten efforts, to completely give up chocolate, is still in the success-stage. But that is not nearly as important to me as the daily mini-meditations I had hoped for.

I could con myself into thinking that reading one of the two-or-three daily spiritual emails I receive would satisfy my personal promise, but I'd be kidding only myself.

Reading is not meditating.

Meditating, IMHO, means really thinking about the subject. Even now, writing this, I am not meditating.

The good thing about our wonderful and loving Savior is that he is ever-forgiving. That means that I can just try again tomorrow, but I must, in my heart, make a real effort.

In fact, when I climb into bed tonight, in a short while, I will give some thought to those 40 days and nights, before I fall asleep.

Lord Jesus, please forgive my lack of effort lately. I do care and I will try again. Thank you for your everlasting love and forgiveness.

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