Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bling and Things - Online Jewelry Party Tips - Day 4

Aren't these beautiful? It's the Mother's Birthstone Bracelet and Mother's Birthstone Cluster Necklace from ChunkyBling. You can get 15% off your whole order for another 4 days, through March 20th, by using my code EVELY871, at this link.

       What a great gift for Mother's Day, or even for you mother's who want to treat yourself.

Tip: The way I figure it, with today's economy in such a mess, whether we want to buy a gift or want to treat ourselves, we want a bargain, right? And these are not only good bargains, they're really cute as well. My tip is to never buy jewelry unless it is discounted or on sale. Unless, of course, you really, really love the piece (LOL).

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