Monday, March 26, 2012

Just Being Me

I felt a little tired tonight and I felt badly about that feeling. I kept remembering all the people I know, or who I have heard about, who are older than me (I'm 72) and who are doing far more than I am each day.

I thought back over my own day. I had no little ones to take care of but I know many seniors who are trying to raise, or help raise, their grandchildren and these folks are very tired at night. I do not work outside the home, but I know quite a few my age who do so.

My own day began with errands at 6:30 - two different grocer store stops (to catch specific sale items) and a stop to mail a letter to our state unemployment office requesting they let my nephew appeal their refusal to grant him benefits. Then, a quick breakfast. At 9, a friend picked me up so I could show her where to sign up for a monthly pickup of free food items for seniors.

Around 11, after I finished a small Etsy order (I had two this weekend), another friend stopped by with some paperwork to be signed. My nephew made us lunch.

At that point, I took a deep breath and tackled the 17 pages for the application for food stamps. We've decided we ought to at least try for them and will be at their office when they open tomorrow at 8am. Dinner was next. Then, photocopying, for our own records, all 17 pages of the form.

In between, I checked emails, called a friend to see how her 4th angiogram went this morning, called another friend to change a date for an April meeting, and began on our community's monthly newsletter.

Yes, I know it sounds like a lot of details, and that's pretty much what it was. Still, I felt I should have been able to do more.

About then, I realized that I really should not compare myself with others in that way. Each of us is handpicked by the Lord to do certain things each day. I figure he hopes and trusts that we do these things for him. I'm fairly good at details. I know a lot of folks who hate paperwork and detail. Aside from that, I think I did what I could today. But I do know that I'd like to start praying, each morning, that the Lord guides me toward each special task he is entrusting to me. That would help a lot.

Father, help me, please, to remember to ask for your guidance each morning for the day's tasks. Thank you for trusting me to do some special things for you, and please forgive me when I either do not hear your voice or life gets in my way. I want to help you but sometimes I need reminders.

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