Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Palm Sunday Palm Weaving Projects

I almost forgot to post this in time this year. I won't re-write last year's post because it has all the links and all the info for making lots of projects from your Palm Sunday palm fronds. Just go to this link for all the information and all the links.

The links will give you patterns for making lapel-size baskets, birds, braids, rosebuds, fishes, several types of crosses, and the crown of thorns, among other designs.

I also have links to three sources of palms that you can buy during the years and work on these projects in advance. If you are Catholic, you would then have them blessed for Palm Sunday.

I just re-tested all the links and updated one or two, so even though it is an older post, all the links work as of today.

Also, I tagged this as Crafts because the techniques can be used with basketry and/or some ribbons for the rosebud, braids, etc.

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