Thursday, March 22, 2012

In Someone Else's Shoes

Hard as things have been for me, worry-wise, these past few weeks, I realize tonight that others have faced worse.

A dear friend in the NW corner of the country dealt with 32 hours without electricity because of a snow storm. She isn't as old as me, but she's no youngster either (LOL). She's the sole responsibility of two grandkids and lives with her mom, as well. That's a houseful of folks trying to deal with the power outage.

Another friend here in my senior mobile home community told me tonight that her husband, who had been in the hospital all week, is now home with her. He has terminal cancer and has only days to live. Hospice workers are caring for his comfort and needs. This very strong little woman is heartbroken over her upcoming loss.

Another neighbor placed her DH in the hospital once again. He's fighting cancer of some sort and cannot eat solid foods. He is very weak most of the time and he will get nourishment in the hospital for a few days and some more tests and yet more treatments. She is alone while he is gone and frightened about what is happening to him.

One more friend, in town, is dealing with the inconvenient healing of a recent rotator cuff surgery. She is as fiercely independent as I am and I'm sure it is bothering her no end that she needs help with many everyday tasks that we all take for granted.

A very dear friend faces a 3rd (or is it 4th?) angiogram. They try not to do more than two per person, but her heart is so fragile these days, they need to determine its current condition.

Those are only a few. I worry about many others who have confided in me about their personal concerns. I worry and I pray for each of these folks. I worry and pray, also, for all those who have helped me recently with my own concerns. Some have helped materially and others have helped with prayers; some have done both.

Dear Jesus, help me to always remember what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes. Help me to remember that others have their burdens, too. You were always so aware of the troubles of those around you and I will try to follow your example.

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