Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Egg Coasters - Cute for Easter Basket Stuffers

I have two sets of Easter Egg Coasters in my Etsy shop. One is a set in solid/variegated colors and the other is striped. They are great for Easter basket stuffers or even for under juice at breakfast on Easter morning.

I should have mentioned these a week or so earlier, because of shipping, but there's still time to get them before Easter.

I made the pattern myself, as I often do, because I couldn't find anything that really looked egg-shaped to me. I had such fun with them and because they are small, I was even able to use up some of the small amounts that all of us crafters end up with after larger projects.

I think I will try to find that pattern - it is buried here in my archaeological dig of a home - and then I'll do it up as a free pattern. Don't hold your breath waiting though (LOL). This part might take a while.

It doesn't mean that, because I can't put my hands on the pattern immediately, I cannot do a custom order. I've made these so often, I can do them now without a pattern.

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