Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY Easter Basket Gift - Money Tree Seeds

These packets of shiny pennies make great alternatives to candy and sweets and useless junk toys as Easter basket stuffers. They are easy to make if you start accumulating shiny pennies right now. You can always get your friends to save them for you, too.

My tutorial for these is at this link, along with ideas of how else to use them or team them with another gift.

In an earlier tutorial, here, I also mention how you can use them as a spiritual tool, too, because of the In God We Trust motto on each one.

At one time, I sold these in my Etsy shop, but I had to stop for a few reasons. They were too heavy and the postage to ship them made the shipping cost too high for economical online buying. They confused one customer who actually thought she was buying mint-condition collectible coins, which I did not say anywhere in my description. So, it is much more sensible to share the project as a DIY project.

What a great way to celebrate Easter!

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