Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bling and Things - Online Jewelry Party Tips - Day 1

Last summer, I posted about a Chunky Bling online jewelry party I hosted. I had such fun with that event that I'm doing it for a week beginning today. Everyone is invited and if you use my special code (Evely871), you get 15% off your purchase at this link. Wait until you see the wide variety of great looks they offer.

When I first found them, I was afraid that all of their items would be too chunky for me. Not to worry. At that party, I earned the prettiest ring I've ever seen (the one in the photo with this post). It's one of their Swarovski Pearl rings. They have at least a dozen Swarovski Crystal rings as well. This one is so pristine and pure in looks that it would be wonderful for a gift for any event including a graduation, a confirmation, or even gifts for the gals in a wedding party.

Back then, I had enough funds to get myself a pretty watch and band as well.

I guess what I like most about their watches is that you can get interchangeable watch faces and watch bands. That's my first tip - get something that will work a lot of different ways.
My second favorite thing about their pieces is that they are stretchy. I am a slight bit chunky myself, but I have slender wrists. Go figure. Most non-stretchy bands slide down and off my hands. So I truly, truly love these because they are great for all size wrists. So my second tip is to get something that is very likely to fit the recipient.

Anyhow, I'll come back each night and share something else special about their bling.

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