Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lenten Traditions - Meatless Days are a Good Thing

My DIY Crafts posts will not continue through Easter, at least not in the secular sense. As a Christian, sinner though I may be, Lent means a lot to me. Oh, I don't go to the extent of major "sackcloth and ashes." But I do try to focus on the Lenten season as much as I can.

This year, I hope to keep to meatless Fridays (and Ash Wednesday). Last year, one of my Friday morning Charity Crafters kept to meatless meals almost all through Lent. Occasionally she slipped only because she cooked something, or ordered something out, from habit and didn't realize it until after she had eaten. A happy result was a slight weight loss and lower food costs, which thrilled her.

Meatless forms of offering repentance have been common throughout Christendom. It is actually a very healthy tradition, as well. Substitutions of fish (tuna, salmon, etc.), cheese (protein), and beans (great fiber choice) are wise choices.

Anyhow, I have accidentally found quite a few DIY projects that fit the Lenten time of year. Some are specifically for this important Christian season. I can't wait to share them with you, off and on. I'll probably have enough to do at least one a week, and maybe two a week. I won't even begin them until at least Ash Wednesday, though.

Meanwhile, my thoughts are on the days ahead. I live in Las Vegas. We are surrounded by desert landscape and brown mountains (snow capped in the winter). To me, it is much like the land that Jesus walked during his 40 days of exile in the desert and mountains over 2,000 years ago. It is easy for me to think about those days because of my surroundings.

Lord Jesus, forgive me for not focusing on you as much as I should. This coming Lenten season, I hope to fill my heart and mind with thoughts of you and what you did for each of us. You didn't just speak of love; you acted upon it and lived it. I pray I can follow your example as much as possible in today's world.

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